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Lunch Time Talk For Leaders

You choose to include as many of your employees or colleagues as you can schedule, limited only by the size of your training or conference room.

This program encourages team bonding and cohesion as participants lunch and learn together.

Resilience 101 for Leaders:

This 45-minute interactive seminar opens the mind to fascinating facts & possibilities. It covers:

  • Why is Resilience so valuable
  • Scenarios and situations where resilience matters, makes a bit difference
  • What is your Resilience Quotient – where do you stand today
  • What everyone can do to increase their resilience quotient – systems that work
  • Top 5 AVOIDABLE mistakes that people make that weakens their resilience
  • How to develop a “Resilience for Life” mindset and habits for sustainable resilience


1) Lunch and Learn sessions make excellent use of time, which is already limited throughout the day

2) The brief informal setting allows a better channel for understanding and getting the direct point across

3) Group training reinforces the overall company culture

4) Creates critical awareness of issues at hand

5) Effectively introduces any new organisational initiatives

6) Develops and maintains teamwork skills

Who Is It Ideal For

Lunchtime 45 minutes / 1-hour talks are usually conducted to inform or inspire employees, cover issues or initiatives, fulfill requirements, or create a workplace of learning, collaboration & communication.

Results You Can Expect

In no way can a corporate talk replace corporate training. Hence it has its own advantages of conducting one. Some of the results you can be assured of are as follows:


I have worked with Sam on a number of projects over the years. Most recently he helped optimize my new website. I have long admired him for his broad range of knowledge and abilities and his passion for learning about nearly everything! Sam is versatile and a fountain of ideas.
David Goldwich
Story Guide at Your Inner Story
Sam makes complicated investment concepts simple. He is passionate about sharing ways to spot opportunities in the global stock markets. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good financial coach.
Karen Leong
The Change Catalyst, CSP. Transformation Expert
Sam, you shared some powerful wealth strategies at the Asia Professional Trainers Singapore (APTS) forum. Loved the way you simplified key investment concepts used by billionaires. And the games helped me internalize the lessons without even me realizing it. It has transformed the way I use both my money and time. Thanks again!
Coach Vikram
Executive Presence Coach
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