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Holistic resilience training for organisational leaders

Enhanced Stress Management

Holistic resilience training equips leaders with effective stress management techniques, enabling them to handle high-pressure situations more calmly and make well-informed decisions.

Improved Decision-Making

Resilience training enhances cognitive flexibility and emotional regulation, leading to more rational and effective decision-making even in challenging circumstances.

Better Team Morale

Leaders who are resilient are more likely to remain composed during setbacks, which can positively impact team morale and motivation.

Adaptability to Change

 Holistic resilience training helps leaders embrace change as an opportunity for growth, making them more adaptable to shifts in the business environment.

Conflict Resolution

 Resilience training fosters improved communication and conflict resolution skills, enabling leaders to navigate disagreements and maintain positive working relationships.

Reduced Burnout

Leaders with enhanced resilience are less prone to burnout, as they can manage work-related stressors more effectively and maintain a healthier work-life balance.

Enhanced Creativity and Innovation

Resilience training encourages creative thinking and risk-taking, fostering an environment where new ideas and innovations can thrive.

Better Employee Engagement

 Resilient leaders can provide more supportive and empathetic leadership, leading to increased employee satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty.

Crisis Management

 Resilient leaders are better equipped to manage and lead during crises, ensuring a more organised and effective response to unexpected challenges.

Improved Communication

 Holistic resilience training can enhance interpersonal skills, allowing leaders to communicate more clearly and empathetically with their teams.

Long-Term Vision

Resilient leaders are better positioned to maintain a long-term strategic perspective, even in the face of short-term setbacks.

Health and Well-being

 Resilience training often includes practices that promote physical and mental well-being, leading to healthier leaders who can model and promote wellness within the organisation.

Enhanced Productivity

 When leaders can manage their stress and emotions effectively, they can maintain higher levels of productivity and focus on their responsibilities.

Risk Management

 Resilience training helps leaders identify potential risks and develop contingency plans, minimising the impact of adverse events on the organisation.

Positive Organisational Culture

 Resilient leaders contribute to a positive organisational culture by setting an example of how to handle challenges constructively, inspiring others to adopt similar behaviours.

Improved Work-Life Integration

Holistic resilience training emphasises work-life balance, enabling leaders to integrate personal and professional responsibilities more harmoniously.

Talent Retention

 Organisations with resilient leaders are more likely to retain top talent, as employees feel supported and valued under their leadership.

Enhanced Leadership Skills

Resilience training can bolster a range of leadership skills, including empathy, communication, conflict resolution, and decision-making.

Stakeholder Relationships

 Resilient leaders can maintain strong relationships with stakeholders, instilling confidence in the organisation's ability to navigate challenges.

Sustainable Success

 By cultivating resilience in their leaders, organisations can create a foundation for sustainable success, fostering growth and stability over the long term.

Coach Sam's Red Dot model of Resilience

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The comprehensive courses and hands-on projects have transformed my understanding of data science. The engaging community and expert guidance are priceless.

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The comprehensive courses and hands-on projects have transformed my understanding of data science. The engaging community and expert guidance are priceless.

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The comprehensive courses and hands-on projects have transformed my understanding of data science. The engaging community and expert guidance are priceless.

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Course Curriculum Outline

Part I. Introduction to Holistic Resilience

1.1 The WHY

1.2 The basic attitude, philosophy

1.3 Activity – Resilience Questionnaire (Resilience Quotient)

Part II. Inner Resilience - Physical 

2.1 How are we feeling – in every cell of our body

2.2 Strength, flexibility, speed, endurance, agility

2.3 What we can do to improve in key aspects

2.4 Activity – Breath work

Part III. Inner Resilience - Mental 

3.1 The garden between our ears

3.2 We are what we think – how to improve the quality of our brain work

3.3 Dealing with stress and anxiety

3.4 Activity – Group Discussion – how to start “never mind”

Part IV. Inner Resilience - Emotional 

4.1 Are we managing our feelings well

4.2 Where and when are we at our HAPPIEST

4.3 How to move away from situations that affect our mood, state, peace of mind

4.4 Activity – A brief meditation

Part V. Outer Resilience – Interpersonal (Social relationships, connections, reputation)

5.1 Who do we care for (about)

5.2 Who cares about us

5.3 How to grow our pool of mutually beneficial connections with least effort 

5.4 Activity – Listing the 20 people who matter most to us, and who we matter to

Part VI. Outer Resilience - Financial

6.1 Know thyself – be organised, aware, and realistic

6.2 Do your maths – probabilities and scenarios 

6.3 How to stay protected, while still growing toward our goals

6.4 Activity – Estimate your net worth in 10 years from now

Part VII. Outer Resilience – Technological 

7.1 What’s happening now + learning lessons from the recent past 

7.2 How are our job roles affected, what opportunities can open up

7.3 Looking into the future

7.4 Preparing ourselves – what new skills / attitude do we need

7.4 Activity – Play with ChatGPT prompts

Conclusion – Enhanced Holistic Resilience 


  • Summary 
  • Action Plan: Prioritised list of steps to take
  • Questions & Answers

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Leaders, high-potential executives, heads of departments, HR directors, project managers, supervisors, professionals, intrapreneurs (internal entrepreneurs within organisations), sales “rainmakers”, creatives, technocrats, finance professionals and bankers. 

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